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Before the world of hair & beauty there was health & fitness. As a former personal trainer and professional athlete, Safiya has had the privilege of aiding others in becoming a better version of themselves. The saying goes...

"When you look good you feel good" 


In 2012, Safiya began her career in the industry. Safiya calls it more of a collaboration of her two passions. "I like instant gratification and when a client sits in my chair, I can truly see them through their journey beginning to end". 


Safiya aims to inspire and motivate change. Her diverse clientele reflects her ability to reveal and translate a women's beauty inside and out. With an eye for beauty, Safiya effortlessly captures the personality and style of her clients.

When Safiya isn't at the salon she is spending time with her family. A woman who wears many hats is a proud wife and mother to two beautiful boys.
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